Impulse Owner’s Manuals



From time to time I get a call or email from someone who has an old Impulse fish finder or Loran-C receiver, and needs an owner’s manual. If you have one of the Impulse models below, click on your model number to download a manual. I’ve provided both high-resolution and low-resolution versions of each manual, in case you value bandwidth more than quality.

If your Impulse product is not listed here, I’m sorry, but I don’t have a manual for it.

Impulse MicroTrac 2800 Fish Finder
Impulse 2800 PLUS Fish Finder
Impulse 2801 Fish Finder


Impulse 2830 Loran-C/Fish Finder
Impulse 2831 Loran-C/Fish Finder


Impulse 3000 Loran-C Receiver
Impulse 3001 Loran-C Receiver


Impulse 4010 Fish Finder


Impulse 4040 Touch Screen Loran-C/Fish Finder


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