Bluetooth Fish Finder Project

In 2007, Sifferman Technology developed a hardware and software modification to an existing black box fish finder product. The modification allowed the fish finder to transmit its sonar data in real time to a remote handheld PC using wireless Bluetooth technology.

BBFF annotated

The modification consisted of adding a small PCB to the fish finder. The PCB contained a PIC24 device and a Bluetooth transceiver. Andy Sifferman designed the circuit and the PCB, and wrote the firmware for the PIC to manage the Bluetooth communication between the fish finder and the handheld PC.

Bluetooth PCB

At the PC end of the wireless link, a Win32 application for Windows Mobile devices was also written. This application allowed the handheld PC to establish a Bluetooth link with the modified black box fish finder, and display a graphical sonar image on the handheld device. This application was fully functional, and gave the user the ability to adjust the range and sensitivity of the black box fish finder, select automatic operation, etc.

Andy Sifferman designed and coded the Windows Mobile application, including bi-directional communication with the Bluetooth API, drawing the scrolling image on overlaid bit planes, and the design of the icons, fonts, menus, and help text.

Here are some actual screen shots of the unit in operation. For these images, the black box fish finder was configured to transmit simulated data to the handheld PC.

HP iPaq, Portrait view

HP iPaq, Landscape view

Fullscreen portrait

Fullscreen landscape

Main Menu

Help menu


A-scope landscape

Main toolbar

Gain toolbar

Range toolbar

Zoom toolbar

View toolbar

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