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STFishFinder API (for Developers)

What is the STFishFinder API?

The STFishFinder API is a library that application developers can use to add fish finder functionality to their app. It is being designed specifically to work with the FE2 Black Box Fish Finder. The API provides high level function calls such as SetRange(), SetGain(), GetDepth(), and GetFishData(). More details.

What platforms will the STFishFinder API support?

We have written an Objective C++ wrapper for the iOS platform. We are planning to develop API wrappers for Android, Windows, and possibly certain Linux platforms.

If you are interested in using the STFishFinder API with another platform, take a look at the requirements for creating an API wrapper to port it to a new platform.

Is the STFishFinder API open source software?

No. The API software is proprietary to Sifferman Technology. To obtain access to the software library or its source code, you would need to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The API documentation is available now (in its unfinished and still-fluid state) for anyone to view on our web site.

Can my company use the STFishFinder API in a proprietary product without exposing our source code?

Yes. The STFishFinder API contains no copyleft code. The API uses two popular open-source libraries, both of which are non-copyleft and have permissive, commercial-friendly licenses.

Impulse Products

I’m looking for parts or accessories for my old Impulse product.

If you need a transducer, speed paddlewheel, or power cable, your best bet is probably to ask your local marine electronics dealer to contact one of the following two distributors:

If you are in the USA or Canada: contact Gemeco Marine Accessories at or phone (803) 693-0777.

Outside North America: contact Airmar-EMEA at or phone +33 223 520 648.

If you’re looking for something else, such as a coupler for an Impulse loran, or a GPS or compass module for the 4040, I’m afraid I can’t help you, except to suggest eBay.


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